SOS Palm | Instructions
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Materials required for proper installation:

  • Drill
  • 8 x 400 mm drill bit for SOSPALM 25 and 8×450 mm profesional drill bit
  • SOSPALM injector
  • Trim putty to keep watertight
Step 01

Step 1
Drilling a hole in the trunk of the palm with a slight downward slope to facilitate the introduction of the liquid.

With a drill and a bit of 8 mm. diameter and 20 to 40 cm. lenght, drill to the center of the trunk, where the largest number of conducting vessels are situated.

Inserting and removing the drill several times to remove residual sawdust and facilitate the installation of the injector.

Step 02

Step 2
Insert the SOSPALM injector fin vertically, with the help of a rubber hammer.

Step 03

Step 3
Paint the injector neck with putty, to keep sealed and continue introducing until level to the trunk.

It is important to maintain the closuresealed to prevent the conducting vessels becoming clogged.Do this step as faster as you can.

Step 04

Step 4
Prepare the recommended dose and apply with a disposable syringe and a lengthener. Remove the cap and introduce the product slowly. Distilled water is recommended to encourage greater solution.

End 01

After completing the application, replace the cap tightly and everything will be ready for the next application.

SOSPALM injector can be used on untrimmed palms.

A leaf stalk can be removed or the injector can be installed in the base of stalk.

Hermetic sealid is important when applying the putty

Install 2 injectors in date palms and 3 injectors in Canary Islands palms.
To prevent fungal infections, disinfect the bit with blench and water mixture after each drilling.
During the installation and operation of the peg, follow basic safety rules anduse appropriate protective equipment.
With the use of pesticides, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, follow the safety instructions specified on the label and properly dispose of the material used.


Installation Report


Dosing protocol


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