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All you need to know about Washingtonia palms

All you need to know about Washingtonia palms

Washingtonia palm trees originate in the Mexican states of Baja California and Sonora. They were given this name in honour of the first US president, George Washington. The trees feature large, green, fan-like leaves and grow in arid areas. Its main characteristics are its resistance to salt, rapid growth, and easy care, transplantation and maintenance.

Types of Washingtonia palm

There are two types of Washingtonia palm tree:

  • Robusta or Mexican fan palm.
  • Filifera, desert fan palm or California fan palm.

There are several differences between Washingtonia robusta and filifera. The main difference is that the robusta has a more slender trunk. A third option is a hybrid created by combining both species, known as filibusta. It has more in common with the robusta than the filifera.

How long does a Washingtonia palm take to grow?

How long does a Washingtonia palm take to grow

Around ten years. It is one of the fasting-growing palm trees in the world. Its ideal climate is a warm one.

How to take care of a Washingtonia palm

How to take care of a Washingtonia palm

Here are a few tips for taking care of this tree:

  • Expose it to good sunlight conditions. However, the young palms also tolerate the shade.
  • Avoid waterlogging in the surrounding soil.
  • It grows even in alkaline, very poor-quality soils, but the most beneficial soil is rich in manganese, potassium and iron.
  • Avoid keeping it indoors.
  • It is fine with little watering, although in the initial stages, it’s a good idea to supply it with small amounts of water each day.

How much watering does a Washingtonia palm require?

When small, two or three times per week. Once it reaches the age of one year, a low or moderate level is optimum.

How many years does a Washingtonia palm live for?

Its life expectancy is around one hundred years.

How much does this palm tree grow in a year?

How much does this palm tree grow in a year

Up to a metre or even 1.2 metres. This is true especially in warm climates, which are ideal for these palms. It is one of the species that grows the tallest in the entire world. As an adult tree, it can sometimes exceed 15 metres in height and, due to the force of the wind, tends to curve and adopt a permanent slant.

When should Washingtonia palms be pruned?

Pruning should be carried out in autumn, in periods where the temperatures are a little lower. It is also recommended to:

  • Prune the dead or dry fronds.
  • Not use a machete or knife to prune, but instead use scissors or a saw for large palms.
  • Not prune at least half of the green fronds, in order to allow photosynthesis to occur properly. Otherwise, you may endanger its health.


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