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Everything you need to know about coconut palms
The coconut palm produces a unique, delicious fruit: the coconut. It grows in areas close to the sea and it is of unknown origin. However, experts believe it first grew in Africa, Asia and Central America. What is the coconut palm? It is a plant with the following characteristics: Palm tree. Large leaves. It has a long lifespan. Very resistant seeds. Grows in very different parts of the world. What are the names for the [...]
What treatments are available to get rid of the red palm weevil or palm beetle?
Red palm weevil treatment
The red palm weevil is an invasive species of insect whose larvae dig passages in the trunks of palm trees. As a result of this process, through which the larvae feed themselves, these trees are killed if we don’t act fast enough. As such, ever since the first recordings of this beetle in Europe – back in 1996 – various treatments have been developed to prevent or remove infestations. Treatments to get rid of red [...]
Best treatment against the red palm weevil for 2023
The red palm weevil is one of the greatest threats to the life of palm trees. In this regard, endotherapy is the most effective treatment available against the red palm weevil in 2023 – though it’s not the only one. There are others, each with their own specific characteristics. Types of treatment for red palm weevils in palm trees There are several different types of treatment that can be used to combat red palm weevil [...]
I have a palm tree infested with red palm weevils, what do I do?
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“Is my palm tree infested with red palm weevils?” When you find yourself asking this question, the answer is simple. To avoid losing your tree, the solution is endotherapy. Likewise, this is also the most effective preventive treatment. So, how do you detect this pest? How to detect a red palm weevil infestation To find out whether a palm tree is suffering from a red palm weevil infestation, you’ll need to carry out a full [...]