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All you need to know about date palms


The origin of date palms is not known. Some experts place them in the Middle East or in the north of Africa. Their fruit is the date. The tree can measure up to around 30 metres in height, with a trunk of up to 50 centimetres in diameter.

What type of palm trees are there?

There is only one type of this date plant, whose leaves or palms are very beautiful. It belongs to the Phoenix genus.

What is the date palm called?

This is its scientific name:

  • Phoenix dactylifera.

It is also known by other names:

  • Common palm.
  • Date palm.
  • Tamar (biblical).
  • Phoenix (in Spanish).

What type of soil does a palm tree need?

These are the most suitable:

  • Sandy loam.
  • Sandy soil.
  • Clay soil.

Nonetheless, in general, it grows in any type of soil.

When does the date palm flower?

Flowering characteristics:

  • It flowers in the months of spring.
  • It requires a lot of sun and warm temperatures.

What fruit does the date palm produce?

Dates. These can measure up to 8 centimetres.

What fruit does the date palm produce

How long does a date palm take to produce fruit?

If planted from tillers:

  • Between three to four years.

If planted from seed, this period is extended by several years.

How long does a date palm take to grow?

Between 15 to 20 years, given that it does so very slowly.

How to take care of a date plant?

It requires:

  • Soil with good drainage.
  • Constant and direct sunlight.
  • Warm temperatures.
  • Fertiliser, especially during the first few years.

Caring for a date palm requires patience, since it is very slow to grow.

How to take care of a date plant

How much watering does a date palm require?

Although it withstands hot climates, it needs frequent watering, especially when planted from seed. However, the soil must drain water well and not retain moisture.

How many years can a date palm live?

This species can live up to 400 years, making it an incredibly long-lived plant.

How much does a palm tree grow in a year?

Around 15 centimetres, meaning that growth is sometimes almost imperceptible.

When should date palms be pruned?

In the following seasons:

  • Spring.
  • Summer.
  • Autumn.

Basically, pruning can be carried out during any month, except the months of winter. Usual practice is to prune them every two or three years.

When are the dates harvested?

The fruit ripens in:

  • Autumn, one year after flowering.

The red palm weevil  can be harmful to date palms. At SOSPALM, we have developed a treatment that provides total efficiency in the prevention and elimination thereof, known as endotherapy, which consists of injecting chemical products into the trunk that eradicate this pest. There is a preventive treatment for palm trees without symptoms, which involves between eight to ten injections per year every thirty days. The remedial treatment, in turn, is administered to trees that already have the pest. The injections are given every fifteen days for two months.


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